Agroscience is a means of developing science and technology in the field of Agibusiness and Agrotechnology, in the form of scientific journals resulting from quality and original research, formed based on the Results of the Faculty of Agriculture Leadership Meeting, and validated in accordance with the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture on Appointment Agroscience Journal Manager.

Agroscience, is a periodical Scientific Journal published by the Institute for Research and Community Service, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Suryakancana University, which is published twice a year, in June and December, Agroscience already has p-ISSN 1979-4681 (print) and e-ISSN 2579-7891 (online). Edition comes into force is Volume 1, Number. 1, June 2011. Agroscience, has a vision to become a National and International Scientific Journal in disseminating and developing the results of thinking in the field of Agribusiness and Agrotechnology.


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Volume 13 No. 1 yang akan terbit di bulan Juni 2023

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  • Pengiriman LOA di bulan Mei 2023
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Vol 12, No 2 (2022): December

Table of Contents


Endah Puspitojati, Maharani Anugrah Isma Haya, Budi Wijayanto
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2528 Abstract views : 160
Dandi Bahtiar, Muhammad Sigit Adi Nugraha, Nanan Marlina
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2628 Abstract views : 102
Asep Saepul Alam, Putri Dina Laila, Yola - Nurkamil, Galih Ginanjar Saputra
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2676 Abstract views : 83
Ricky Indra Nur Pratama, Kejora Handarini, Arlin Besari Djauhari, Bambang Sigit Sucahyo, Retnati Rahmiati
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2719 Abstract views : 91
bhenu SE artha, Niken Permata Sari, Ardhi Khairi
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2708 Abstract views : 108
Muhammad Yahya Ahmad, Adang Suryana, Rosda Malia, Fauzan Zikri
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2754 Abstract views : 95
Angga Adriana Imansyah, Melissa Syamsiah, Yuliani Yuliani, Riza Trihaditia, Widya Sari
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2755 Abstract views : 73
Akhmad Zakaria, Adi Mulmuchdi Wijaya
DOI :10.35194/agsci.v12i2.2798 Abstract views : 79