Asep Saepuloh, Mira Nurmalasari, Luthfita Aulia Dewi, Nuraeni Nuraeni


We are social creatures and are required to always communicate well,. Therefore, speaking is the most important skill among the other four skills. Especially global speaking skills in English. Speaking skills provide important benefits, not only for speakers but also for listeners, because the ability to combine words into meaningful sentences reflects thoughts, opinions and feelings. Meanwhile, the benefit for the listener is to use the speaker as motivation to continue learning speaking skills for better communication. There are 5 difficulties of speaking skills: 1. (‘not being brave to speak’, ‘not being confident to speak’, 2. (‘not used to talking in class’), 3. (‘being afraid to speaking’) , and 4. (‘difficult to express words or sentences’) which had one cause: being afraid of making errors. In presenting English, especially speaking skills, teachers must be creative in choosing materials, methods and technology that can attract students' attention. Teachers need to manipulate or use a variety of techniques to help the teaching and learning process. Descriptive qualitative research is the type of this research. This research is a descriptive qualitative research that focuses on the audiolingual method and Orai application to teach English speaking skills. It describes the method and technology used by the teacher to teach English speaking skills


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