Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope



This journal was published to be the media for professional development of English educators and anyone who concern with English language. JOEPALLT is chosen as this journal name for it represents the vision of its publishment, to give more explanations on relevant concept or burning issued related to the study of English teaching, Linguistics and literature. It is firstly launched in 2013 by the English Department of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training UNSUR (Universitas Suryakancana) Cianjur. This journal is published twice in a year (March and September)


Section Policies


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Peer Review Process

Responsibility for the Reviewers

Reviewers will tell you to pay attention to the guidelines in the home, so that template errors will not occur and the author can easily send manuscripts via OJS. Reviewers will be very objective in paying attention to the originality of the writing, starting from the use of theories, methods, and especially the novelty of a manuscript.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



Editorial Responsibilitie

The editor holds full authority about objections and rejection or acceptance of the manuscript. There is no conflict of interest in rejecting or accepting a manuscript. Only manuscripts that are certain in this case are found in error, promote publication of correction or retraction, and maintain the anonymity of the reviewer will be accepted.




Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Jurnal Joepallt (Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching) refers to publication ethics concerns three principles underlying scientific publication ethics, including (1) neutrality, i.e. free from conflict of interests, (2) fairness, i.e. provision of authors’ rights, and (3) honesty, i.e. free from duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism.  The statement clarifies ethical behaviour of all parties involved in the act of publishing an article in this journal, including the responsibilities of the publisher, editor-in-chief, reviewers, the associate editors, and authors.

General Duties and Responsibilities of the Publisher

  1. Publish journal articles regularly
  2. Define the relationship between publisher, editors, reviewers and other parties involved in the contract
  3. Determine  journal name, scopes, and accreditation status when necessary
  4. Appreciate confidentiality for contributing researchers, authors, editors, and reviewers
  5. Apply norms and conditions related to intellectual richness, especially copyright
  6. Do review the journal policy and deliver it to the authors, editorial board, reviewers, and readers
  7. Establish a guide to ethics for the editors and reviewers
  8. Ensure the availability of sponsorship for journal publication

General Duties of Editor-in-Chief

  1. Make objective decisions by avoiding being persistent to particular opinions (of editors, of authors, or of third parties
  2. Meet the needs of readers and authors
  3. Seek to improve the sustained quality of the publication
  4. Apply processes to ensure the quality of the published manuscripts
  5. Put forward freedom to express opinions objectively

General Duties and Responsibilities of the Editors

The editor of Jurnal Joepallt (Journal of English, Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching) is responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published. The validation of the work in question and its importance to researchers and readers must always drive such decisions. The editors may be guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and constrained by such legal requirements as shall then be in force regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. The editors may confer with other editors or reviewers in making this decision.


General Duties and Responsibilities of the Reviewers

  1. Review manuscripts assigned by the editors and send the results back to them as the consideration for publication
  1. Reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors. Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citation. A reviewer should also call to the editor's attention any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published paper of which they have personal knowledge.
  1. Review manuscripts within the given time and according to the submission guidelines and scientific publication principles (data collection method, authors legality, conclusion, etc.)
  2. Re-review manuscripts which have been revised by the authors based on the predetermined standards
  3. Encourage authors to revise manuscripts by providing critiques, suggestions, and recommendations
  4. Keep the authors’ privacy by not publishing the results of the review, suggestions, and recommendations  
  5. Do not review manuscripts written by themselves, both directly and indirectly

General Duties and Responsibilities of the Authors

  1. Make sure that the criteria of an author have been met
  2. Pay attention to Guidelines and Template of this journal
  3. Authors of reports of original research should present an accurate account of the work performed as well as an objective discussion of its significance. Underlying data should be represented accurately in the paper. A paper should contain sufficient detail and references to permit others to replicate the work. Fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour and are unacceptable.
  4. Authors are asked to provide the raw data in connection with a paper for editorial review, and should be prepared to provide public access to such data.
  5. Originality and Plagiarism, they must obey the originality and out plagiarism.
  6. The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others that this has been appropriately cited or quoted.
  7. Be responsible collectively for the content of the manuscripts including method, analysis, discussion, and detail.
  8. Mention research resources (including funding) both from direct and indirect supports
  9. Explain research limitations
  10. Provide feedback to the results of the review on time and professionally.
  11. Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest. All authors should disclose in their manuscript any financial or other substantive conflict of interest that might be construed to influence the results or interpretation of their manuscript. All sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.
  12. Inform the editors about a manuscript withdrawal
  13. Appreciate requests from the publisher for not publishing findings through interviews or other media before the manuscripts are published
  14. Inform the editors about manuscripts that belong to a longitudinal, multidisciplinary study (or written from different perspectives)



Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publication

The publication of an article in the peer-reviewed  Jurnal Joepallt: Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching  is an essential knowledge on any authors in to a part of the journal publication in respecting their manuscript. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher and the society. 

Suryakancana University as publisher of Joepallt: Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching highly responsible and acknowledgeable to all of the contents and we recognize our ethical and other responsibilities. In addition, the English Education Study Program, Suryakancana University and Editorial team will assist in communications with other journals and/or publishers where this is useful and necessary.


Publication decisions

The editor of jurnal Joepallt: Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching is responsible in making decision for one manuscript to be published or not. The editor is guiding the author to see the template before sending the manuscript to our journal. So that, it creates only minor correction or fully accepted.


Indexing and Abstracting

Indexing and Abstracting Jurnal Joepallt (Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching) :

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  2. Dimensions
  3. Portal Garuda 
  4. Google Scholar
  5. Indonesian One Search
  6. Scientific Indexing Services
  7. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)