Journal History

JE (Journal of Empowerment) was formed based on the results of Suryakancana University Leaders Meeting on January 28, 2017, and was approved on April 8, 2017, in accordance with the Rector Decree Number 11/SK/REK/ UG/IV/2017 regarding Appointment of Journal Manager of Community Service at Suryakancana University. The name of the Journal of Community Service is JE (Journal of Empowerment).

JE (Journal of Empowerment), is a mean of developing science and technology in the exact and non-exact field through the publication of writing based on the results of community service (original).

JE (Journal of Empowerment), in the 2018-2020 issue did not publish an article (Vacuum) due to some matters in management. The plan will continue to be published in print or online in Volume 02 No. 01 June 2021. JE (Journal of Empowerment) Journal of Environmental has experienced a change in style in the issue of 2021, the changes can be seen in the Author Guidelines and Template the latest version of the.