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Media Jurnal Informatika

ISSN: 2477-2542 (online); 2088-2114 (print)

Media Journal of Informatics is a journal published by the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Suryakancana University, Cianjur, which is published every 6 months in June and December. Media Journal of Informatics began to be published with a printed version in 2009 and published once a year, but then the frequency of publication was increased to twice a year. The focus and scope of the Informatics Journal Media field includes

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  • Geography Information System
  • Security Network
  • Big Data
  • Information System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Internet of Things, Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Soft Computing
  • Multimedia
  • Game
  • Human Computer Interaction


CALLS OF PAPER 2021-2 (Desember 2021)

Media Jurnal Informatika is pleased to announce call for papers

from authors are related fields of informatics engineering to be published in Media Jurnal Informatika.

Important dates in the process of publishing articles can be seen in information for authors.

Submission of articles is done through the OJS system in this website.

For author registration process please note the above announcement.

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