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Journal of Empowerment

JE (Journal of Empowerment) was formed based on the results of Suryakancana University Leaders Meeting on January 28, 2017, and was approved on April 8, 2017 in accordance with the Rector Decree Number 11 / SK / REK / UG / IV / 2017 regarding Appointment of Journal Manager of Community Service at Suryakancana University. The name of the Journal of Community Service is JE (Journal of Empowerment)JE (Journal of Empowerment), is a mean of developing science and technology in the exact and non-exact field through the publication of writing based on the results of community service (original).

JE (Journal of Empowerment), is a periodic scientific journal published by Institute of Research and Community Service of Suryakancana University (LPPM UNSUR) twice a year in June and December. JE (Journal of Empowerment), has registered number ISSN 2580-0620 (print), and ISSN 2597-9809 (online). The first edition is Volume 1, Number. 1, June 2017. JE (Journal of Empowerment), has the vision to become Scientific journal with National and International standard in disseminating and developing the results of conceptual 

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Jurnal Hukum Mimbar Justitia

Jurnal Hukum Mimbar Justitia is a periodic Scientific Journal published by the Law Faculty of Suryakancana University twice a year, in June and December.

Having a vision to be the leading Scientific Journal in Disseminating and Developing legal thinking results.

Receive research papers, reviews and reviews of books, both in Indonesian and English.


The scope of legal science issues that focuses on:
1. Criminal Law
2. Civil Law
3. Contitutional Law/Administration Law

ISSN : 2477-5681 (Cetak)

ISSN : 2580-0906 (Online)


Jurnal Hukum Mimbar Justitia
Fakultas Hukum Universitas Suryakancana
Email: jmj.fh.unsur@gmail.com

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Jurnal JOEPALLT (Journal of English Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, and Teaching)

This journal was published to be the media for professional development of English educators and anyone who concern with English language. JOEPALLT is chosen as this journal name for it represents the vision of its publishment, to give more explanations on relevant concept or burning issued related to the study of English teaching, Linguistics and literature. It is firstly launched in 2013 by the English Department of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training UNSUR (Universitas Suryakancana) Cianjur. This journal is published twice in a year (March-September)

issn   2338-3739 (printed version)

eissn 2614-099   (online version)


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Jurnal Kependidikan

Jurnal Kependidikan adalah jurnal yang memuat naskah bebas dan kreatif yang berbentuk tulisan populer, hasil penelitian atau gagasan orisinil yang berkaitan dengan bidang keguruan dan pendidikan. Mulai terbit tahun 2003. Jurnal Kependidikan ini terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun yaitu pada bulan Juli dan bulan Desember.

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Jurnal Media Teknik dan Sistem Industri

ISSN: 2581-0561 (online) & 2581-0529 (print)

Jurnal Media Teknik dan Sistem Industri (JMTSI) is an industrial engineering media published by the Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Suryakancana. Published every six months (around March and September). The scholarly fields of this journal are and not limited to:

- Industrial systems
- Manufacturing systems
- Systems Engineering & Ergonomics
- Industrial Management
- Supply Chain and Logistics

ANNOUNCEMENT (for author)

For now, registration is done only by JMTSI manager. Authors interested in submitting articles to JMTSI are required to send an email to jmtsi@ft.unsur.ac.id or anitailmaniati@unsur.ac.id with the email subject: 'Registrasi JMTSI  a/n. (the author's name)', and mention the full name (as the name stated in article) and the email address to be registered in the body of the email. 

JMTSI Manager will then send the author's account details (username and password) by email.

We apologize for this inconvenience.


JMTSI is pleased to announce call for papers from authors with related fields of industrial engineering to be published in JMTSI journal vol.3 no.1 (around March-April) and Vol 3 no.2 (around September-October).

Submission of articles is done through the OJS system in this website. For author registration process please note the above announcement.

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Jurnal ilmiah online Teknik Sipil Suryakancana, mempublikasikan makalah-makalah hasil penelitian, studi kepustakaan maupun tulisan ilmiah yang terkait dengan bidang teknik sipil, yang ditulis dengan kaidah-kaidah penulisan ilmiah yang baik dan benar.

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Jurnal Pendidikan Politik, Hukum Dan Kewarganegaraan

Jurnal ini memuat artikel-artikel hasil penelitian maupun pengabdian kepada masyarakat, yang merupakan naskah kreatif dan juga gagasan orisinal yang segar berkaitan dengan pendidikan politik, hukum dan Kewarganegaraan. Jurnal ini terbit 2 kali dalam setahun yakni pada bulan Maret dan September.

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