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The use of technology in education has currently been increasing in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a new shape of sophisticated technology opens new chances and possibilities for digitalization of the educational system. AI helps many people, including in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. In this paper, the researcher explored what the AI-based writing tools are that can be used for students’ learning, how to use and combine those AI-based writing tools in the learning process, and the result of implementing the tools in the writing class. This study used exploratory-descriptive qualitative research in which the data was taken from documentation of students’ learning processes during a semester in the English writing class. It was found that high senior level students need practice in writing such argumentative essays. The use of AI-based writing tools were grammar-checker, word-tune, and plagiarism checker. It was found that students experienced the processes of writing such as brainstorming, constructing ideas and their elaboration, checking the grammar, changing the various forms of writing styles, and checking plagiarism level before publishing them. The positive responses were proof by students, who resulted in the product of self-published articles on the internet.

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