REPETITION AS A CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT IN POETRY (A Study of the Use of Majas in Poetry during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period)

Yeni Suryani


A work is inseparable from the tree components tha influnce its birth. There are creators, creatives, and appreciators. The creator in question is from where he gets inspiration, while the creation is how the work is manifested or realized, and appreciators of how other people might enjoy it or appreciate it. For all three, of cource two main things that affect are intrinsic and extrinsic.  The situation is one of the factors that influence these three things. Related to the current situation, the influencing factor is the co-19 pandemic. Therefore this paper aims to describe how the atmosphere affect literary works, especially poetry. By using documentation studies and descriptive methods, the results of the study are obtained. Language style is an instrument of language to be beautiful, including using the languange style of repetition. Of course, related to the situation behind the work, the language style does not only function like that. Therefore a study was conducted.  The paper aims is  to describe the use of repetitive language styles in poems born during the pandemic,  and the results are obtained in the form of a theme describtion and author’s mood. The  co-19 pandemic is as idea, so this works are contemporary in nature. The results of the study, obtained the use of repetition language style in the poetry of repondents who reflect the example the repetition of word, phrase, and array. The repetition is for example the word ’sadar’ at the beginning of verse, the word ‘kini’ at the beginning or array (Kini kekuatanmu tak ada apa-apanya bukan?/Kini kekuasaanmu sekarang jatuh dan lemah).

Full Text:

PDF 405-411


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