Ardila Yulfani, Heni H. Rohmah


Moral values are the most important thing we learn from our experiences, activities, or even stories. Morality has to do with positive and bad things for a human being to change his/her life. This research is a literary study on intrinsic elements and moral values in the movie "Bad Genius". There are two research problems proposed from this “Bad Genius” analyzing film. They are: (1) To find out the intrinsic elements of movies “Bad Genius”, (2) The moral values found on this film. It aims at identifying and describing the types of intrinsic elements and moral values in the movie, by applying a qualitative method. This study employed the framework of intrinsic elements as suggested by Woods, G. (2008) and moral values as suggested by Linda and Eyre (1993). The subject of this research is the “Bad Genius” movie and the intrinsic elements and moral values are the objects. Based on the result of this study the researcher found intrinsik elements and some moral values contained in the movie”Bad Genius”. The researcher hopes those values would be useful for the Viewers and the readers of this research has their life guidance to be better persons

Full Text:

PDF 383-393


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