Hanisa Sismaya Lestari


In the 21st century, the demands of human resources in the indrusti world are increasing. College graduates must be to compete in order to adapt to all existing advanced technologies. Nowadays, almost all activities are related to computers, so typing skills have an important role to play in inserting many data into the computer. Students need to be equipped with skill technology. One of them is typing skill, where students are able to use ten fingers to type to make the work more effective and efficient both in terms of time and effort. This typing skill  can not be obtained instantly, there needs to be continuous practice so students have the speed of typing according to the standard. Keyboarding skill course which is a combination of typing skill and computer skill. The reserarch  population consisted of 33 students. Data collection using typing speed result of  students. The research aims to find out the increase in typing speed through the exercise method.  The results showed the speed of typing increased  through continuous drill method.  This  drill can be used so that the typing speed of students is increasing

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