Nur Syifa Sarah Zulfa, Yunita Nurmaulida, Wendi Septiawan


The education system from elementary to tertiary level has been running during the eradication of all corona virus diseases (COVID 19) not only in Indonesia but throughout the world. This study is a description of the online teaching and learning method used at SMP IT Raudhatul Muttaqin for the teaching and learning process, semester exams, and class promotion exams. This paper aims to discuss the importance of online learning in education amid the COVID 19 pandemic and how existing resources from educational institutions can effectively transform formal education into online education with the help of other important virtual and online classes. This paper uses a qualitative approach to teacher and student perceptions of online teaching-learning methods and the process of implementing teaching-learning models. This study is the effect of Google Classroom on learning English online in the midst of a pandemic (COVID-19) at Raudhatul Muttaqin Junior High School. Aim to see the effectiveness of learning during a pandemic. Data collection was carried out through interviews and document analysis. According to the results of this study, English in junior high schools is included in the Local Content material, but the learning is still effective as in main subjects in general and is given twice a week through the Google Classroom learning application starting from attendance, providing learning materials, assignments , and assignment submissions. So far, learning using the Google Classroom learning application is very useful and running well, but there are a few drawbacks, namely there are some students who do not have communication tools or cellphones to participate in learning activities and there are also some students who do not understand how to use Google Classroom. The way to solve the problem of students who do not have communication tools or cellphones is by holding a meeting once a week to be given learning materials, assignments, and assignments. Then to overcome students who do not understand how to use the Google Classroom learning and learning application, they will be given further directions on how to use the Google Classroom application to understand it

Full Text:

PDF 180-186


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