Asnita Sirait, Thomson Radesman Lingga


During pandemic, teachers and lecturers were trying to make learning process effective through online platforms and programs. Thanks to the technology that it offers a lot of platforms supporting educators in performing the learning process.  Technology also helps in teaching syntax which needs a lot practice including creating tree diagrams of sentences to parse each contituent that requires a platform or program that can lead the students to diagramming. Therefore, this study focused on the effectiveness of applying tree diagram programs in teaching syntax, specifically tree diagrams editor, during online learning. The study used observation and assessment to see whether the use of this program worked to students’ comprehension and motivation. Through lectures, quizzes, and practices, the study found that the use of tree diagram editor was effective to teach syntax during online as it offers practical use, editable sections, and export tool that ease the students to submit their quizzes and examination

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PDF 138-147


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