Anisa Fitria, Asri Dwimaulidiyanti, Salwa Nur Mohamad Sapitri


In this modern era, technology is really important to use in daily life. Nowadays technology used by young learners for study and it can help teachers and students execute learning activities. There are several apps currently available that can make it easier for students to learn, one example of the application to learn speaking is cake application. Speaking is one of the most important skills in learning English and a skill practiced in speaking is how to pronounce words properly and correctly. As mentioned earlier, there are several applications to enhance students' ability to learn speaking, one of them is cake application. Cake application is application that can be used for learning English. Cake Learn English for Free is developed by Playlist Corporation Cake - Learn English for Free in the category of Education. There are several features in this application such as watching short movie and practicing speaking by using dialogue. This study is aimed to find out: (1) the use of Cake application in learning speaking; (2) students’ responses toward Cake application as a learning media; and (3) benefit of Cake application in learning speaking. This is a qualitative research. The instruments on this research used questionnaire and interview. The findings indicate that the students are comfortable and interested to learn speaking using cake application.

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