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This research aims to investigate what media that can be used in today's online era and speaking skill elements which can be trained through the use of technology. The researcher used descriptive qualitative research with a case study because the research explored the information deeply by collecting the data from many sources consisted of observations, interviews, and documentations. The subject of this study is nursing students of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang in Campus 8. The result of this research showed that students used some media such as speech recognition software in mobile phone to correct their pronunciation and to gain the new vocabulary, internet to gain the information that they need, podcast, and youtube to gain such as tips to speak in English, produce the correct pronunciation, and produce videos that contain presentation about health scope. So that those media and technology match to enhance the quality of learning speaking skills in online learning era such as they got new vocabulary to explain in health scope, students can do repetition more and to pronounce the correct pronunciation, then they more comprehend to understand the content of the material that they uploaded in their youtube channel and automatically they do practice in order the result of recording in accordance with expectations. Therefore, students not only learn the theory but also they have output such as they can upload their performance on their youtube channel as the learning speaking skill used media and technology

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