Journal History

ICONNECTS 2021 is the first international conference held by the students of English Education Study Program of Suryakancana University. It begins with Conference on Education of Suryakancana (CONNECTS) that is organized annually since 2017. The conference covers a wide range of topics related to education, teaching and beyond including classroom practice, curriculum, assessment and development, and the application of technology in education.

It is such a privilege to have four internationally acknowledged experts attending this conference as the keynote speakers; Prof. H. Fuad Abdul Hamied, M.A., Ph.D. from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Assoc. Prof. Suzanne S. Choo from National Institute of Education Nanyang University, Assoc. Prof. Sue Timmis from University of Bristol, and Professor Betty McDonald from The University of Trinidad And Tobago.

The conference is hoped to provide a platform for students, educators, researchers, teachers, practitioners, policy makers, or applied linguistic enthusiasts to share their data and insights on the issue at hand and draw insightful conclusions for future practice and follow-up studies.