International Conference on Education of Suryakancana (IConnects Proceedings)

This conference is organized as media for teachers, researchers, practitioners, students, or even policy makers to share insights on the issue at hand and draw conclusions for future practice and studies in the field of education. As, it is largely understood that over the past several decades, technology has become a fixture in many homes around the world. Its influence has permeated into all facets of life, including education. The impact of technology in the era has brought us to the new society called society 5.0 and the changing in education cannot be avoided any longer. Therefore, the theme of this year conference is “Embracing the Future Education in New Society” It is expected that this conference would contribute to the education sustainability in the upcoming new society. At the same time, it is our hope that the conference will enable the conference to be recognized widely.

This conference provides a platform for us to disseminate and discuss our research finding. It is our expectation that the conversation from this conference will inform policy and practices in education field. This event will open up future research on education and the integration of technology in teaching, and at the same time allowing all participants expanding their network. Hopefully, all the participants will be engaged in fruitful and meaningful discussion.

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