Journal Justiciabelen (JJ)

Journal Justiciabelen (JJ) is a scientific journal formed by the Postgraduate of the Master's Program in Law, Suryakancana University in 2021. Journal Justiciabelen (JJ) is a medium for disseminating ideas, thoughts and conceptual studies in the field of legal science.  Journal Justiciabelen (JJ), can be published in 2 (two) languages, there are Indonesian and English. Journal Justiciabelen (JJ), have had: P-ISSN: 2774-3764 & E-ISSN: 2774-8375, OAI:, Prefik DOI: 10.35194. Journal Justiciabelen (JJ), Published 2 (two) times a year, namely in January and July. The focus and scope of writing in this Journal Justiciabelen (JJ) include Criminal Law; Civil Law; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Criminal Procedure Code; Civil Procedure Law; Islamic law; Business Law; Environmental Law; Health Law; Employment Law. 


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Vol 2, No 2 (2022): July

Vol. 2, No. 2, (2022) July, is the fourth issue of the Journal Justiciabelen (JJ). This fourth issue consists of 5 (five) articles, and is published in Indonesian.

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Andi Widiatno, Ganiviantara Pratama
DOI :10.35194/jj.v2i2.2110 Abstract views : 194
Angkasa Angkasa, Rili Windiasih
DOI :10.35194/jj.v2i2.2113 Abstract views : 255
Henny Saida Flora
DOI :10.35194/jj.v2i2.2115 Abstract views : 215
Rahmadi Indra Tektona
DOI :10.35194/jj.v2i2.2066 Abstract views : 134
Sahat Maruli Tua Situmeang, Diah Pudjiastuti
DOI :10.35194/jj.v2i2.2047 Abstract views : 111